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Independent Voice-Specialised Speech and Language Therapy Service run by Carrie Garrett (BSc, MRCSLT, MASLTIP, HCPC).

The service provides professional consultation, assessment, treatment programmes, advice and training for adults and children experiencing voice, speech or upper airway symptoms.

For example:

  • Muscle tension dysphonia

  • Vocal cord nodules

  • Vocal cord paralysis

  • Vocal cord polyps

  • Ageing Voice (Presbyphonia)

  • Chronic cough

  • Globus Pharyngeus

  • Vocal Tremor

  • Spasmodic dysphonia

  • Vocal cord dysfunction (PVFM/ ILO)

Flexible and responsive in-person and online availability.  

Carrie works as a registered practitioner with Help Musicians UK and British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) to provide care and support for those working in the Performing Arts. 

Singers Clinic BAPAM clinician

LSVT LOUD is a clinically-proven method for improving individuals voice and speech. It focuses on a single goal to ‘speak LOUD!’ to maximise speech considered the global “gold standard” for speech treatment for people with Parkinson's Disease (PD).


It is an intensive, one-on-one treatment delivered over one month’s time:

  • One-hour sessions

  • Four sessions per week

  • Four weeks in a row

  • Daily homework and carryover exercises

Beginning your work with LSVT LOUD before you've noticed significant problems with voice, speech and communication will often lead to the best results, but it's never too late to start. 

Therapy sessions available within peoples own homes and/or place of residence, at our therapy studio in Kidderminster, or online.

Get in touch to arrange a free chat over the phone to discuss your needs.

Singers Clinic LSVT LOUD clinician
Vocal Massage, (also known as Laryngeal Manual Therapy), can help you achieve more comfortable and healthy voice production, improving and alleviating symptoms such as: 
  • Reduced vocal projection or range

  • Restricted vocal performance

  • Hoarseness or breathy vocal tone

  • Throat constriction or pain

  • ​Vocal fatigue

If you use your voice for a living you may find benefit having regular vocal massage as a maintenance tool to ease niggles and keep your voice in top condition.

For professional performers, vocal massage is beneficial at the rehearsal stage, periodically between shows and performance dates, and following a tour to reduce the risk of vocal fatigue issues or injury. It helps to keep the voice supple and responsive, and in better health generally, reducing symptoms of vocal fatigue, improving vocal projection, extending vocal range, and enhancing vocal performance.

Sessions are based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, or available for hire to on-site locations. 

LLoyd Hollett

British Comedian

"Before meeting you I was rather lacking in confidence at my voice holding up for a long 96 show Pantomime run. If anything, working with you made my voice stronger! Our vocal therapy meetings, sessions and MP3’s were my true saviour. And have helped me heal back to full vocal strength. I’m beginning to get the positive comments from audience members that I had so longed to hear again. ‘What a voice’, ‘what a powerful voice’ etc…


I still use your vocal physical warm ups as often as I can, and I totally swear by them and they are very precious to me. I thank you immensely and hold you very close to my heart. After suffering persistent MTD for a few years prior to this you cured me 100% and I am fully recovered. ​​Thankyou Carrie."

 Singers Clinic testimonial Lloyd Hollett
Singers Clinic Intro

Singers Clinic Intro

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