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Find Your Voice & Unlock Your Potential at
The Singer's Clinic

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Discover the power of your voice at The Singer's Clinic! 

Carrie Garrett is a Voice Specialised Speech & Language Therapist and Vocal Coach who brings extensive experience from professional performance, teaching, voice clinics and working in outpatient settings.

Carrie is a registered SLT and Vocal Rehabilitation Coach with BAPAM

(British Association of Performing Arts Medicine).

You can trust Carrie to listen to the issues you have been experiencing, the personal and professional goals you have, and to work alongside you to get the best out of your voice. 


The Singer's Clinic offers 1 to 1 singing lessons, providing professional guidance and support to singers of all skill levels.


Our focus is on helping you to develop your performance skills, vocal freedom and self-confidence.


With our range of vocal coaching and speech therapy services, we have the expertise to help you reach your vocal goals.

Vocal Massage can help to reduce symptoms of vocal fatigue, improve vocal projection, extend vocal range, and enhance vocal performance.

It can be effective as part of a structured rehabilitation program following diagnosis of Muscle Tension Dysphonia, Vocal Cord Nodules/Pre-nodular swelling, or Globus Pharyngeus.

It can also be used as a maintenance tool to keep your voice in top condition.
Singers Clinic Intro

Singers Clinic Intro

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