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The Comedy Wordsmith (Comedian/Singer)

Before meeting you I was rather lacking in confidence at my voice holding up for a long 96 show Pantomime run. Panto can be a challenge for any voice and with my continuous voice issues last year I didn’t think I would last the run. I'm delighted to say that my concerns and worries were all not needed, as I had no problems whatsoever during the very tough schedule. If anything it made my voice stronger..This was all thanks to you! Your vocal therapy meetings, sessions and MP3’s were my true saviour. And have helped me heal back to full vocal strength. I’m beginning to get the positive comments from audience members that I had so longed to hear again. ‘What a voice’, ‘what a powerful voice’ etc…


I still use your vocal physical warm ups as often as I can, and I totally swear by them and they are very precious to me. I thank you immensely and hold you very close to my heart. After suffering persistent MTD for a few years prior to this you cured me 100% and I am fully recovered. ​​Thankyou Carrie.



British Opera Singer

Carrie was there for me in a time of vocal crisis. She really cared about my wellbeing. Plus she has an amazing gift for understanding the many facets of singing, from the technical to the mental, emotional and physical aspects. I simply love her!



Professional Singer

Carrie is without a doubt the best vocal coach I have ever worked with. Straight away I felt at ease and able to explore my voice in ways I had never done before. As a vocalist I am often singing several days/nights in a row and Carrie's sessions have helped me learn and understand how to look after my voice and use it correctly. I always come away feeling confident about a song I have tackled during the session. I absolutely adore her friendly approach and way of working. She is the best!



Musician & Singer

Working as a full time vocalist left me with a tired voice and lots of hidden tension. I was concerned I’d damaged my voice through hours of performance and quite frankly years of working with unsuitable teachers. In just one Laryngeal manual therapy session, Carrie relaxed all the tension I was experiencing and left my voice feeling open for the first time in years. Every step of the way she explained her methods and (at my request) how my voice actually works. The various stretching, breathing and vocal exercises she taught me have remained with me during my career and I refer to these on a daily basis. I have since recommended colleges to Carrie and would urge any vocalist to get in contact.  

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Vocal Artist

Carrie has been there for me as a developing artist right through from the early days to where I am now - sharing a stage with acts such as Little Mix, Union J and Stooshe. She has an amazing gift for understanding what I need every time I go to see her. Working with her has given me the confidence to be the vocalist I always dreamed I could be. I would recommend her to any singer struggling to get the best out of their voice! 


"My favourite new Artist" Huw Stephens (Radio One)



Singer - The Atlantic Players

Simply the best! Went to Carrie get a bit of a musical MOT, and left with numerous techniques, methods and choices about how to use my voice. She’s personable, positive and professional. I’d highly recommend her!



Tribute Artist: Space Cowboy - A Tribute to Jamiroquai

Carrie is warm, friendly and very easygoing. Any nerves I had before my first session soon disappeared and she explained her methods in a clear and concise fashion. The warm-up, posture and breathing techniques she introduced me to have greatly improved my performances already. She helped me understand how to get the best from my voice and I left the session feeling confident and full of possibility.



Vocal Artist

Carrie's vocal sessions were tailored to my needs at every point. She helped me identify my personal sound, and gave me the techniques to sing in the way I want, hitting every note I wanted to hit, with ease. Gone are the days of straining to 'reach' certain notes. I'm grateful for the help she gave me, always making sessions fun with something to look forward to every time! I'd recommend her to anyone.



Professional Singer

Carrie fully understands the individual’s vocal needs. She covers a wide range of vocal techniques and teachings. Totally professional but always brings great fun and enthusiasm  when teaching. She has great empathy and totally understands the psychology needs of a singer. If you want to hear great results look no further than Carrie!! ​

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