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Vocal Massage

One to One Consultations

Voice Therapy Singers Clinic
  • Informal 20 minute initial telephone conversation, with general voice optimisation advice and resources included (£10 for 20 minutes).
  • Full initial online voice assessment, with personalised advice, resources and an individualised plan to support your vocal recovery (£120 for 60 minutes). 
  • If a block of therapy or follow-up sessions are required, this can be discussed during your initial consultation (Guide price is £45 for 20 mins, or £85 for 40 mins). 

Excellence in Care

Vocal Wellbeing

noun: wellbeing / 'the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

The Singer's Clinic is here to help people experiencing voice change, vocal tension, strain or pain when speaking or singing. Find the worry-free voice you deserve, and reclaim your vocal confidence!

 We offer vocal massage to help you achieve more comfortable and healthy voice production for living life to the full. 

What is 'Vocal Massage'?

Vocal Massage is also known as 'Laryngeal Manual Therapy' or 'Laryngeal Manipulation'. At the Singer's Clinic, Carrie provides a mix of hands on manual therapy techniques, including myofascial (soft tissue) release to the muscles and passive stretching to facilitate improved local biomechanics of the neck and larynx. Intraoral and osteopathic articulation techniques, and osteopathic laryngeal manipulation may also be used if considered appropriate. 

Areas typically covered in Vocal Massage

  • Rib Cage and Abdomen

  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and Jaw

  • The Tongue

  • Submandibular Region

  • Anterior and Posterior Neck Regions 

  • Laryngeal Regions 


Individually tailored

The Singer's Clinic's robust holistic assessment process allows for the creation of innovative, individually tailored advice and exercises to complement your Vocal Massage sessions.


Who is Vocal Massage for?

Vocal Massage can be effective as part of a structured rehabilitation program following diagnosis of:  

Muscle tension dysphonia

Pre-nodular swelling

True vocal fold nodules 

Globus pharyngeus 

Muscle tension dysphagia

Chronic refractory cough


Occupational or professional voice users (e.g. singers, actors, teachers, broadcasters), can benefit from regular vocal massage as a maintenance tool.


For maintenance, artists may benefit from treatment at the rehearsal stage, periodically between shows and performance dates, and following a tour to reduce the risk of vocal fatigue issues or injury, to keep the voice supple and responsive, and in better health generally.

Vocal Massage can help to improve and alleviate symptoms such as: 

Reduced vocal projection or range

Restricted vocal performance

Hoarseness or breathy vocal tone

Throat constriction or pain

​Vocal fatigue

Vocal Massage can be beneficial as part of a singer's regular vocal health routine, alongside maintaining good nutrition, adequate hydration, regular vocal exercise, appropriate vocal rest, and good quality sleep. 

Vocal Massage Fees

Initial Voice Health 'MOT' Consultation: £85 

55 minute session - includes voice assessment, advice and exercises to target any specific problems.

Voice Maintenance Consultation: £45

30 minute session - only for clients who have completed an initial voice health consultation.

PLEASE NOTE: Full fees for all appointments are payable for non-attendance or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice. 

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