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Singing Lessons: 
Find your vocal freedom & confidence

The Singer’s Clinic is the perfect place for singers, speakers, and anyone else seeking to improve their vocal skills. Carrie offers singing lessons, speech therapy, and vocal massage, all designed to make sure your vocals are performing at their highest level.


Whether you are looking to start singing, returning to singing and wishing to develop, or are already a professional performer, The Singer's Clinic can help. Still Unsure? Why not get in touch for FREE 10 minute chat? 

Singing Lesson Fees:

£45 per session (50 minutes).

Block/ termly bookings are available for less - please discuss with Carrie if you are interested.

Beginner Singers & those wishing to Sing for Fun

Welcome to the start of your adventures in singing with The Singer's Clinic! We're thrilled you're considering learning to sing as it's proven to be beneficial for your physical and mental health alongside being thoroughly enjoyable, confidence-boosting, life-affirming, and a fantastic creative and emotional outlet!

At The Singer's Clinic, we offer beginner singers and those wishing to sing for fun the opportunity to learn the basics of singing, develop their vocal skills, and explore different styles and genres. Our singing lessons are tailored to all levels, so whatever your ambition, Carrie can help you reach your goals.

✅ Friendly, relaxed and engaging singing lessons designed to help you explore your voice and develop your vocal confidence at your own pace. 

✅ If you'd like more structure, I can provide vocal assessment, goal setting and a personalised plan to help you grow in confidence, knowledge, and skill. 

Advanced & Professional Performers

The Singer's Clinic provides professional and personalised support for advanced singers looking to maintain a strong, vibrant and musical voice through upcoming gigs, tours, recording sessions, concerts, shows and rehearsals. Carrie will work with you to reach your vocal goals, providing friendly, evidence-based, professional advice on building and maintaining your voice for anything that might be coming up. From lengthy tours to new roles, The Singer's Clinic will help you build and maintain a great voice using excellent technique!


The Singer's Clinic promotes prevention of voice problems by living healthily, speaking and singing well for optimum vocal health. Services include singing, speech therapy, and vocal massage to help you navigate the highs and the lows of a career in performance and help to keep you singing long term.

✅ Evidence-based tips and tricks for maximising vocal ease, control and power.

✅ Healthy living advice for keeping your mind, body and voice healthy.

✅ Science-based responses to your voice problems and voice-related questions.

✅ Advice on how to limit the impact of performance anxiety, life on the road, heavy voice-use, and intense scheduling.

✅ Vocal analysis of your speaking and singing, with suggestions for how you might be able to adapt things to remain vocally healthy.

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