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The Singer's Clinic

Singing Rehabilitation / Vocal Health Checks / Vocal Massage

Singing Rehabilitation

Whether you are a professional touring artist, a weekend gigger, singing teacher, choir member, a worship leader, or you sing songs in your shower, Carrie can help you to identify what is causing your symptoms, offer friendly, non-judgemental advice, and devise a unique treatment plan to put you on the road to recovery.

For vocal professionals dependent on their singing voice for income, voice problems can cause major financial difficulties and stress. For amateur singers, singing can form a key element of their quality of life and major distress can be caused by changes in their voice and the impact on their social and family life. 


Issues can be caused by vocal fold surgery, growths or structural issues, paralysis of one of the vocal cords, or swelling from illness, reflux, allergies...or all 3.


Other times, muscle tension can be causing voice issues with pitch or dynamic range reduction, vocal instability, loss of clarity of tone, vocal fatigue, discomfort, strain, and more. In real terms this may mean you've started opting out of gigs, cutting your set list short, handing over songs to others to sing, altering your melodic lines, tuning down your instrument or even singing an octave lower than you used to sing. 

Carrie is a highly experienced voice practitioner and is an excellent choice for supporting you to get back to doing what you love.

Vocal Health Checks

Advanced & Professional Performers

The Singer's Clinic provides professional and personalised support for advanced singers looking to maintain a strong, vibrant and musical voice through upcoming gigs, tours, recording sessions, concerts, shows and rehearsals. Carrie will work with you to reach your vocal goals, providing friendly, evidence-based, professional advice on building and maintaining your voice for anything that might be coming up. From lengthy tours to new roles, The Singer's Clinic will help you build and maintain a great voice using excellent technique!


The Singer's Clinic promotes prevention of voice problems by living healthily, speaking and singing well for optimum vocal health. Services include singing, speech therapy, and vocal massage to help you navigate the highs and the lows of a career in performance and help to keep you singing long term.

✅ Evidence-based tips and tricks for maximising vocal ease, control and power.

✅ Healthy living advice for keeping your mind, body and voice healthy.

✅ Science-based responses to your voice problems and voice-related questions.

✅ Advice on how to limit the impact of performance anxiety, life on the road, heavy voice-use, and intense scheduling.

✅ Vocal analysis of your speaking and singing, with suggestions for how you might be able to adapt things to remain vocally healthy.

Vocal Massage

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