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Voice Therapy

Express yourself with greater ease, control and confidence


Have you had a diagnosis from ENT and are now looking for professional support and guidance to rescue & rehabilitate your voice?

Every individual receives a bespoke voice therapy plan designed to guide you towards acheiving a healthy, fully functioning voice again. Working on both your singing and speaking, voice therapy will encourage vocal power & ease to return, reducing soreness and pain, putting you back in control of your voice again. 

Friendly, expert guidance & support at every stage along your journey to recovery.

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  • Develop skills to rescue your voice, recovering from over-singing, illness and other vocal problems before they become long-term voice issues.

  • Build your voice and banish incorrect vocal technique. Develop the skills to make the most of your voice with targeted, effective warm ups, cool downs and vocal maintenance routines,

  • Learn how the Pro Singers keep their voices in top condition.

  • Free your voice and take back control of your singing by learning healthy vocal habits and a comprehensive, easy to follow vocal routine.​​​

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