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Voice Therapy & Vocal Coaching: Reach your Full Vocal Potential

Greater vocal ease, control and power.

Ability to express yourself with greater confidence and freedom.

Skills and knowledge to keep your voice healthy your whole life long. ​

Have you had a diagnosis from ENT and are now looking for professional support and guidance to rescue & rehabilitate your voice?

Every individual receives a bespoke voice therapy plan designed to guide you towards acheiving a healthy, fully functioning voice again. Working on both your singing and speaking, voice therapy will encourage vocal power & ease to return, reducing soreness and pain, putting you back in control of your voice again. 

Friendly, expert guidance & support at every stage along your journey to recovery.


90 minute initial session

30 minute follow up session

  • Develop skills to rescue your voice, recovering from over-singing, illness and other vocal problems before they become long-term voice issues.

  • Build your voice and banish incorrect vocal technique. Develop the skills to make the most of your voice with targeted, effective warm ups, cool downs and vocal maintenance routines,

  • Learn how the Pro Singers keep their voices in top condition.

  • Free your voice and take back control of your singing by learning healthy vocal habits and a comprehensive, easy to follow vocal routine.​​​

  • Become a better singer.


60 minute session 

30 minute session

Reconnect your voice, body & mind through relaxation and manual therapy targeting areas of tension which may be causing you vocal problems.


Perfect for hard working vocalists as a conditioning treatment. Teachers, call-centre staff, actors, presenters, singers & broadcasters - all professional voice users can benefit.

  • Release strain and restrictions.​

  • Improve range, power, vocal resonance and tone.​

  • Promote general vocal well-being.


60 minute initial session 

30 minute follow up session