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Covid 19 Links

Voice Advice: post covid-19

British Laryngological Association: Advice for people experiencing voice problems post covid-19:


Post-intubation advice from Guy's and St. Thomas: 


RCSLT guidance on reducing risk of transmission and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the context of Covid-19 (last updated 21/10/20)

RCSLT Voice and Upper Airway Management Guidance during Covid-19 (last updated 10/08/20):

ENT UK: Covid-19 related smell loss: Evidence-based strategies for effectively managing smell recovery  (updated 08/09/20)

Singing advice and information

BAPAM: Risk Assessment for freelance performers returning to work during Covid-19 (updated July 2020)

BAPAM Factsheet: Fit to Sing (Vocal Health Tips)

BAPAM: Vocal Health referral recommendations to GPs regarding voice clinic referrals

General advice about covid-19

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