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Voice Concerns?

Treating Voice Problems

Want to get better FAST?

We need to find out what's causing your voice problem, that way I can treat you effectively with the best voice therapy and vocal coaching methods available - targeting the real problem.

No time-wasting.

No guess work.

Real results - FAST.


Best way to absolutely know what is going on inside your voice box is to look with a specialised video camera designed for looking at your vocal folds in action.


Ask your GP for a referral to an ENT doctor or voice clinic.  Once we have ENT opinion, we can tackle what may be causing your voice problem directly. That's when the healing can truly begin.


If you have had a diagnosis from ENT you can book in for Voice Therapy Initial Consultation.


Preventing Vocal Problems

Whether you are a beginner singer, hobby singer or professional performer with decades of experience, I am certain I can add to your 'tool kit' for voice and help you achieve the voice you always wanted. 

Typical problems Singers experience, all of which can improve with expert, targeted vocal coaching, include: 

  • Vocal strain, fatigue & discomfort

  • Inability to sustain sound & lack of vocal stamina

  • Throat discomfort such as aching, scratchiness, pain, or feeling a 'lump' in your throat

  • Unwanted pitch breaks across your vocal range

  • Unwanted breathiness or creakiness in your vocal tone

  • Lack of power

  • Lack of control of loudness, range, flexibility, tone, vibrato, pitching

  • Lack of ease when singing

  • Loss of confidence

Contact me today to begin working together towards your BEST voice. 

Voice MOT & Vocal Coaching

07811 515954

Referrals from NHS​

I welcome ENT and SLT referrals for Voice Therapy from both NHS and Independent practice. ​​

I have 22 years experience working in the field of Voice. I am a certified Voice Specialist Speech and Language Therapist currently registered with HCPC: SL30620

RCSLT: RC0030957

ASLTIP: Member

For more information about me please click here.

Please do contact me and I'll be happy to discuss how I might be able to help. ​


Referrals from Singing Teachers

I am passionate about empowering singers by providing them with the knowledge and skills to navigate any voice problems life might throw at them. One of the best ways to help individuals achieve strong, healthy voices to last a lifetime is via their singing teachers. ​

If one of your students is struggling with a vocal health issue that has lasted more than 2 weeks, please refer them to GP to request an ENT consultation and endoscopic evaluation.

If the problem has persisted for less than 2 weeks please do contact me for an informal discussion regarding any vocal issues. I am here and happy to help.  



During 2020 I will be hosting workshops designed to equip Singing Teachers with clinical knowledge on how to spot potential vocal issues and what to do about them.


Contact me to register your interest and find out more about workshops for Singing Teachers coming up in 2020.

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